If you need us to produce your event in a field, we’ll bring the stage and the roof (tent). If the field is miles from the nearest electrical outlet, we’ll bring a generator.  From chair rentals to gourmet catering, all the items needed for making that field “show ready” are available to us.  There are no challenges too big!



Sometimes, a bare stage is the desired effect but most of the time your event will include set pieces, backdrops, fabric accents, custom carpentry, even digital scenery to reinforce your message. Remember, we use our Virtual Presentation software to help you see the impact of the set design…before we start installing the show.


You want your audience to hear - and feel the rhythm of your message, whether your program is delivered in a speech by the CEO or played by a full orchestra. We understand volume, clarity and all the necessary elements which, when combined, enable us to deliver your message with the greatest impact.

Lighting is used to create ambiance that influences the mood of the entire space. We know how to employ the power of lighting by utilizing a variety of instruments and special effects to illuminate your message and messengers. Whatever the size of your space, lighting is a key element of your event and we will ensure that you shine.

After all the creative meetings and final, final revisions, THIS is where Canto Event Management brings all the elements together. At this stage of the process, it’s time to orchestrate the “harmonious combination of elements” that will soon come together as your event.  It’s time to execute the décor, lighting, video, audio and staging plans. We now combine all our experience and ingenuity as your production partner to bring everything together.

Remember...at Canto Event Management, the only limit is imagination!


Award winning Event Company!

Photos are used with permission by Gary Helland

Photo editing by Stephanie Ryan

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Our professional photographers will capture every detail of your event from cocktail candids, group photos, room shots to any entertainment or activity your program encompasses. Our expert video technicians make sure that after you’ve spent time and money for the perfect video to tell your story, you have the latest, highest resolution video projectors, processing, playback and cameras to present perfect images to your audience. Need help editing or creating custom video presentations or video montages...no problem!