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Canto Event Management will work with you to find the perfect teambuilding program that meets your goals. Whether you’re looking for a fun ½ day program, a full day of hard core problem solving or outdoor adventure teambuilding, we have the resources to produce the perfect program anywhere in the country.

The list of possibilities is endless!
We can customize an activity geared to your group’s needs and goals.

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Scavenger Hunt
Murder Mysteries
Game Shows
Beach Olympics
Superstar Olympics
Rock Walls

Tomcar GPS Rally
Make Your Own Movie/Commercial/Music Video
Team Drumming
Jeep/Limo Rally
Problem Solving
Sports Challenges
Kart Racing
Cooking Challenges
Build a (Bike, Car, Boat, Golf, Castle, Bridge, Tee Pee, etc.)
Ropes Course
Obstacle Courses


  • Create positive interaction between people.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Build morale.
  • Improve focus.
  • Learn to work together when under pressure.
  • Build cross functional relationships between various     disciplines and across departments/divisions
  • Manage friendly competition between teams.
  • Get people out of their comfort zone and help them to experience new awareness.
  • Learn to think “Out of the Box”

Definition: "Teamwork is a cooperative effort by members of a team to achieve a common goal. Teambuilding occurs when a group of people with complementary personal strengths commit to achieve certain focused performance results"


Photos are used with permission by Gary Helland