“In music, the 'canto', is that part to which the melody is given. It is the part of the melody which remains true to the original theme. In literature it was a division when poetry was sung by the minstrel to his own accompaniment.”​ Your event produced by Canto Event Management will be, like a great piece of music, composed of a harmonious combination of elements...

Canto event management Services

At Canto we “listen” to your needs and custom design the perfect event/meeting that captures the unique style of your company while remaining true to your message.

​Canto Event Management partners with our clients from inception through completion to create well-planned, well executed, cost effective events/meetings. 

Canto EVENT MANAGEMENT is A MULTIFACETED CREATIVE COMPANY based in Arizona but with resources across the US, Mexico & Canada we're with you wherever you ARE...

Where will your event take us?

DESTINATION: The place toward which one is going.

MANAGEMENT: Coordinating & harmonizing a group towards meeting it's goals. 

SERVICE: An act of helpful activity.

Award winning Event Company!

If you’re not sure if we can do it…just ask – we probably can. We’re fearless!!

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At Canto Event Management, the only limit is imagination!

Photos are used with permission by Gary Helland

Photo editing by Stephanie Ryan

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It was a SWEEP! For the "Best Corporate Event Planning" category at the 2014 ISES Arizona Zonies, the awards for both Best Corporate Event Under $50K AND Best Corporate Event Over $50K went to...

Canto Event Management!